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Tidbit Tuesday: Traveler's Insurance - To Buy or Not to Buy

Travel, whether for business or pleasure, is expensive.  Many expenses associated with travel are non-refundable and your group or individual healthcare policy may not cover care outside of the US, making travel insurance critical.  You never know what can happen between the time you book and the time you arrive back home. Emergencies are just that, emergencies.  You don’t know when one may happen.  Don’t let a medical emergency, hurricane, or a natural disaster ruin your vacation and your finances. 

We cannot stress this enough - When traveling abroad travel insurance is a must!  Many health insurance policies do not cover emergencies outside of your country and most times payment is required upfront. 

The most common options of travel insurance include:

 • Medical - If you have ever come down with a bad stomach bug and got frustrated locating a gastroenterologist in your hometown, just imagine that search in the jungles of Cambodia. Medical travel insurance can help provide coverage to limit out-of-pocket costs.

• Evacuation - If you're abroad and must deal with a natural disaster or political unrest, getting to a safe place in a strange land is a harrowing and expensive experience. Travel insurance can help cover the cost of getting you out of harm's way.

 Cancellation - More painful than suffering a last-minute injury or illness that ruins your trip can be the realization that you can't get back the money you paid for travel arrangements or a tour. Travel insurance also covers cancellations due to problems such as your travel agent or tour group going bankrupt, or an airline delay causes you to miss your event.

• Baggage -  Nothing ruins a vacation faster than lost, damaged or stolen luggage. Travel insurance will provide some reimbursement for necessary items like clothing and toiletries. It may even cover the new suitcase that you will need.  

• Death and dismemberment - Similar to typical life insurance, this option provides your heirs with payment should tragedy strike while traveling.  

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