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Tuesday Tidbits: The Performance Review

Do you know what your employees are thinking? Do they know how well they are doing their jobs? Do they know what you’re thinking? A performance review on at least an annual basis can clear the air, align your business goals with your employees’ goals and promote open communication in a team environment. An effective performance review will include the following steps:

1. Understand key objectives of the review.  This is an opportunity to assess an employee’s skills and knowledge, provide positive feedback and open up for the employee’s point of view concerning their work.  Don’t forget their point of view!

2. Assure compliance with Federal and State law. Be sure that the process treats employees equitably and no statements or actions can be construed as discriminatory.  Be direct, factual and document!

3. Allocate an appropriate amount of time and prepare the employee in advance. Don’t surprise them.

4. Tie your assessments back to the company objectives.  You are all on the same team.

Just remember, open dialogue is the key.  You’ll be surprised how much morale can improve! Need some more HR advice? Give me a call!