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Tuesday Tidbit: Employee Rentention - Make Them Stay!

Does your office sometimes feel like a revolving door of employees? You spend all of that time and money recruiting them, and then all of that time and money training them, and then all of that time and money on benefits and still they exit.  Let’s look at some reasons employees stay with a company and how you can increase your retention.Why Employees Stay:Of course the number one reason is compensation but even if you can’t afford to pay top dollar you can still retain your employees.

Good leadership.  Employees like to feel they are part of a team and inspired by their “coach”.  Provide a forum for new ideas and open communication.

Challenge and fulfillment.  Nobody wants to be bored.  Find ways to add meaning to even the entry level positions.

Relationships.  One rotten apple can spoil the bunch.  If you have one employee who is toxic, talk with them about ways to improve interactions.  People will often turn down a “better” job if they love the people they work with.

Recognition.  This one is so important.  Remember to tell your employees they did a great job.  Not just a routine “thank you, great job” but really let them know they are going above and beyond.  Comment to their strengths as often as you can.

Invest the time to make your employees feel appreciated and they will reward you with the loyalty you’re looking for!